For The Parents or Guardians of Young People in NA

For parents and guardians of young people in NA informational pamphletThis pamphlet seeks to address some of the questions parents or caregivers may have when a young person comes to Narcotics Anonymous. The information here is not meant as advice about how to parent your child, but rather relates some common experiences of young people who have been successful in staying clean and finding recovery in NA. Young members all over the world have found recovery from drug addiction in Narcotics Anonymous, and we hope this information will be helpful for any loved one interested in learning more about the experiences a young member faces in recovery.

Support for Families
Many family members find the support they need in groups designed to help the families and loved ones of addicts(such as Nar-Anon and Families Anonymous). Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with these organizations, nor do we recommend one program over another. We simply provide this information in a spirit of cooperation.

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